As the world begins to ease restrictions on international travel, our experts are keeping a close watch on which countries are open. Whether you’ve been dreaming about waking up to the sounds of elephants in your Kenyan camp, taking a sunset cruise off the coast of Maui, or enjoying the perfect plate of pasta carbonation in Florence, now is the time to make it happen. To help you plan your next great journey we will update this list every two weeks. Our Travel Consultants can also provide more details about current travel restrictions for specific destinations.

As a reminder, if you don’t see the country you would like to visit on this list that does not mean you can’t book a trip there for 2022 with our flexible Carefree Guarantee policy! If you’re ready to dust off your suitcase, let’s explore where you can travel to right now.

Alberta is perhaps one of the most popular destinations, home to the Banff National Park, a thrilling eco-scape of glaciers, ice fields and alpine forests. This is the place to do some naturalistic treasure-hunting, and come up with gems like the striking blue Moraine Lake, reflecting ten snowy peaks. Jasper National Park, also in Alberta, is haunted by hikers in the summer, and skiers in winter. Regular inhabitants of these parts include cougars, grizzlies and foxes. This is a fairy-tale forest. Grannies would probably recommend that you don’t talk to wolves here. While there are plenty of energetic ways to explore this landscape, we’d suggest taking a fishing trip to capture the serenity in stillness. 

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